Viral digest: Five of the week’s best videos

Adele performs Hello using classroom instruments on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show
Adele performs Hello using classroom instruments on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show
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FROM Katie Hopkins to Adele’s Hello, we chart the moments that have been doing the rounds on social media this week

Katie Hopkins is the worst

Or so the students from Brunel University thought. After filling a hall with students to hear the TV personality talk, students walked out en mass in protest at her views. Objections to having Hopkins at the debate were raised by students over a month ago, and when those fell on deaf ears, students voted with their feet.

The ultimate Hello performance

Adele made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show this week to perform Hello. However, the talented vocalist completed the performance using classroom instruments.

Even with a wood block, hand clappers, a xylophone and a kazoo, Adele still knocked it out the park.

The show must go on

When seven-year-old Ethan was given the chance to perform the Australian national anthem at at a baseball game between Adelaide and Brisbane, the young child was overcome with a case of the hiccups. Powering through while players tried to stifle laughter, Ethan finished his performance to a roar of applause in the stadium.

Tom Hanks is a rapper

While appearing on the chat show Graham Norton, Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks impressed the audience with his rapping skills. While promoting the 1987 film Dragnet, the actor performed that rap, and has never been allowed to live it down since.

Captain America is back

The new trailer dropped for Captain America: Civil War and it was all people could talk about for the rest of the week. The return of the Avengers sees a split in the camp as Steve Rogers fights for Bucky’s safety – leaving him head-to-head with former friend Tony Stark.