Trailer of the week: World War Z

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An apocalyptic zombie thriller starring Brad Pitt and partially filmed in Glasgow’s George Square. Yes, really.

What is it?

Brad Pitt in World War Z

Brad Pitt in World War Z

The film Brad Pitt was shooting in Glasgow’s George Square last year. George Square, as it turns out, features prominently in the trailer, with all its most recognisable landmarks intact – which is a little unsettling since we’re supposed to think it’s Philadelphia (you’ll notice some of the buildings have been made taller with the help of computer effects).

OK, enough about George Square, what about the film?

It’s a (very loose) adaptation of Max Brooks’ satirical horror novel, which is presented as a series of individual accounts of a decade-long global war against zombies and its aftermath.

How do you mean, “very loose”?

In that it’s been turned into an all-guns-blazing action thriller. It’s a refreshingly different kind of zombie film from the norm (a small band of survivors trapped somewhere, a shopping mall, say), being a war movie on a huge scale. It has, however, gone through four screenwriters and extensive reshoots, which bodes less well. Find out in June 2013.