Test yourself with our 2012 quiz of the year

Lord Leveson, Kristen Stewart, and Alex Salmond
Lord Leveson, Kristen Stewart, and Alex Salmond
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CAST your mind back over the highs and lows of 2012 then put yourself to the test to see if memory serves you right


Lord Leveson delivers his findings. Picture: PA

Lord Leveson delivers his findings. Picture: PA

1 Name the two MSPs who resigned from the SNP over the party’s shift of policy 
on Nato?

2 Which Labour MSP was temporarily suspended from Holyrood for shouting that the Presiding Officer was “out of order”?

3 What is the name of the parliamentary instrument that allowed the transfer of power from Westminster to Holyrood that lets the Scottish Government hold a legally watertight referendum on independence?

4 At what level did the then health secretary Nicola Sturgeon set the proposed minimum price per unit of alcohol?

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in Skyfall

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in Skyfall

5 Which former Labour MP and MSP was handed the role of chairman of the Yes Scotland independence campaign?

6 Why was Alex Salmond dragged before MSPs at Holyrood to apologise in November?

7 Which football manager sent a donation of £501 to the Better Together pro-Union campaign and why?

8 Which senior SNP minister was embroiled in a “spy pen” row and why?

Alex Salmond used his speech to criticise welfare reforms. Picture: TSPL

Alex Salmond used his speech to criticise welfare reforms. Picture: TSPL

9 Which historic deal did First Minister Alex Salmond and Prime Minister David Cameron sign in October?

10 Which senior European figure rejected SNP claims that Scotland would automatically remain in the EU after independence?


1 Which UK politician was a new Scottish beer called “Ginger Rodent” named after?

2 What makes Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls cry according to an interview he gave this year?

3 Name all the men who have served as the government’s chief whip in 2012?

4 Which resident of 10 Downing Street was replaced by one from 11 Downing Street and why?

5 Who was the Culture Secretary questioned at the Leveson inquiry over his links with the Murdoch empire?

6 What is the name of the Russian collective feminist punk rock collective, whose jailing was met with worldwide condemnation?

7 Who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in the US Presidential Election?

8 Which comic actress announced her candidacy for the Green Party in the US Presidential Election?

9 The politician Segolene Royal is the ex-wife of.....?

10 Which country did Xi Jinping become leader of in 2012.

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1 Why did the Italian island of Giglio become the global centre of attention?

2 Where did fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld choose to host his legendary Metier D’Arts show?

3 Who became an internet phenomenon after taking a picture of her school meal?

4 Who was able to pick up her Nobel Peace Prize 21 years after being award?

5 Who is Clyde the Thistle?

6 Which brave Scottish actress announced in September that she was expecting her second child with a famous Scots rocker?

7 What promise did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie break this year?

8 Which pair of Edinburgh celebrities received a private visit from Australian Oscar winner Nicole Kidman while she was filming in the city?

9 Which actress said she wanted to just “lock myself in my hotel room” after being pictured kissing a director?

10 What turned out to be Mission Impossible for Tom Cruise?


1 The biggest flotation of a British company in London this year involved which company?

2 Which organisation acquired 632 branches of Lloyds TSB and the Cheltenham & Gloucester mortgage business?

3 Who was named the new governor of the Bank of England?

4 Jayne-Anne Gadhia is chief executive of which financial institution?

5 Which venerable firm of Scottish accountants was acquired by Pinsent Masons?

6 Which supermarket chain announced its first fall in profits since 1994?

7 Kweku Adoboli was jailed for seven years for committing Britain’s biggest ever fraud at which international bank?

8 Sly Bailey resigned as chief executive of which publishing group?

9 Britvic announced a merger with which Scottish drinks firm?

10 Which company launched Britain’s first 4G mobile service?


1 How much did James Kelman reveal last month that he made from his writing in the last tax year?

2 Which Scottish writer won the Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year and wrote the graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

3 Which novel this year was, according 
to a review in the Daily Mail, “more than 500 pages of relentless socialist manifesto masquerading as literature”?

4 “First, I’ll tell you about the robbery 
our parents committed. Then the murders, which happened later.” 
These are the first lines of a novel 
published this year by which celebrated American novelist?

5 “Canon Sydney Chambers had never intended to become a detective. Indeed, it came about quite by chance …” Another first sentence – but by which Edinburgh-based novelist?

6 In which house in Edinburgh has Ian Rankin said that he imagines his villain, Ger Cafferty, living?

7 In whose flat (clue: in Vienna) did William Boyd have the idea that sparked off his novel Waiting For Sunrise?

8 “Nothing counts but lifetimes.” This motto – by Anglican clergyman Herbert Kelly (1860-1950) – profoundly influenced which leading Scottish writer and thinker who published an acclaimed memoir this year?

9 Who won this year’s £30,000 Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Book of the Year Award?

10 Name the Scottish critic who, it was announced earlier this month, will be one of the judges for next year’s Man Booker Prize.


1 Who did Madonna, Britney Spears, MC Hammer and Ellen DeGeneres all dance with this year?

2 Who won the first ever Scottish Album of the Year Award?

3 Which bright new R&B star announced he was gay just before the release of his debut album?

4 Whose album sleeve featured her naked and carrying a man over her shoulders?

5 Which Scottish band released an album called Something For The Weakened?

6 Which Scottish band was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize?

7 Who conducted the Big Concert in Raploch?

8 Who divided fans and critics by duetting with her abusive ex-boyfriend?

9 What did Nicola Benedetti do for the first time in August?

10 Who was The Bravest Man In The Universe?


1 “I want to say something… It doesn’t matter.” What character’s parting words?

2 What did Julian Fellowes and James Cameron both do this year?

3 Where was Sarah Lund’s plane going in the final scene of The Killing?

4 Which drama featured Peter Mullan as a gangster with Alzheimer’s?

5 I’m a Tory MP, get me out of here – who?

6 What did Daniel Craig, Emeli Sande and Mr Bean all do this year?

7 Which drama began with the discovery that one dead body was actually two?

8 What do Gary Tank Commander and Howard from Fresh Meat have in common?

9 Which hit series ended on a cliffhanger in which both the hero and his nemesis died (maybe)?

10 Who won The X Factor?


1 “Your documentary died many deaths. You have, in my opinion, zero talent.” Which millionaire’s description of whose acclaimed, award-winning expose?

2 Which masked villain had audiences scratching their heads wondering what he was saying?

3 “I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and I don’t play well with others.” Who?

4 Which film’s MacGuffin was an actual character?

5 Which film began with an android watching Lawrence of Arabia?

6 Serial killers on a caravan holiday – which film?

7 Whose latest adventure began in Istanbul and ended in the Highlands?

8 Which film told the bizarre true story of a brown eyed 23–year-old passing himself off as a family’s missing, blue eyed, 16-year-old son?

9 Which famous British office worker went on an unexpected journey?

10 Who used stop motion animation to bring a dead dog back to life?


1 Who built a football pitch in a forest?

2 Who played Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo and King Duncan for the National Theatre of Scotland?

3 Whose Fringe show climaxed with an audience member shooting him in the head?

4 Who made a work of art using the sound of Edinburgh’s One O’Clock Gun?

5 Which comedy star was given a lifetime achievement award at the Scottish Baftas?

6 Which Taggart star wowed theatre audiences with her performance as a woman serving a life sentence?

7 “Do you need help with your messages?” “Naw hen, you get on with your montage.” A scene from which Scottish musical?

8 Which Scottish artist was nominated for the Turner Prize?

9 Which Scottish artist celebrated his 70th birthday with a major retrospective?

10 Which company’s 50th birthday was marked by a long-awaited return to the Edinbugh International Festival?

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