Snoop Dogg cannabis and 12 other weird celebrity products

Snoop Dogg has launched his own brand of cannabis. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Snoop Dogg has launched his own brand of cannabis. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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Rap icon Snoop Dogg is launching his own brand of cannabis, Leafs by Snoop – presumably taking inspiration from Dr Dre’s Beats by Dre. That’s probably not the weirdest product a celebrity has launched, finds Siobhan Smith

Coolio’s cookbook

In 2013, Coolio sold off his entire back catalogue – most notably Gangster’s Paradise – in order to fund his fledgling career as a chef. Not exactly the prime candidate for a cookbook, the rapper released ‘Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 Star Meals for a 1 Star Price’. Calling himself the “ghetto Martha Stewart” and proclaiming that “everything I cook tastes better than yo’ momma’s nipples,” he invited us to try dishes like ‘Drunk Ass Chicken’ and ‘Mozzarella for the Pimpish Fella’.

Maria Sharapova’s sweet range

“Fun and delicious candy brought to you by international tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova,” reads her website’s description of the world number four’s “premium candy”, Sugarpova. She launched her sweet brand in 2012 and has stores all over the world as well as an online service. The range includes tennis ball-shaped chewing gum, accompanied by some tennis puns (“Serve yourself some fruit flavored gumballs and chew them up on the court. Winning sure is sweet.”) One nutritionist said Sugarpova was “reprehensible”.

Bill Wyman’s metal detector

Donald Trump steaks

Donald Trump steaks

Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman released a metal detector in 2007, aimed primarily at children and beginners. “Metal-detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics,” he said. “It’s probably the best and the most enjoyable way of learning about our history.” Wyman told Goldmine.

Coffee by David Lynch

David Lynch’s love for coffee is well-known – Twin Peaks’ Agent Dale Cooper was never far away from a cup of Joe. A coffee range might not seem that adventurous given his reputation as a filmmaker, but there’s plenty of weird in this advert, so. “It’s all in the beans ... and I’m just full of beans,” the tagline says.

Sofia Coppola’s canned sparkling wine

“When his daughter was a little girl, Francis Coppola made her a promise that he would someday make a sparkling wine and name it after her,” reads the tagline of director Sofia Coppola’s canned sparkling wine range. And here it is. But what an odd promise to make to your daughter. And what an odd promise to actually follow through with. But here you have it: Sofia Mini – Sparkling Wine in a Can.

Carlos Santana’s womens shoes

Frontman of Santana, Carlos launched a range of high heels in 2005. His wife, Deborah Santana, was present at the launch, and Carlos doesn’t actually design the shoes himself, so perhaps his name is nothing more than a spousal leg-up. Still, a fairly odd venture to embark on for the musician. Apparently they proved fairly popular with men, too, and the Ultimate Santana website provides a “Guy’s Guide to Buying Carlos by Carlos Santana Women’s Shoes.”

Steven Seagal energy drink

A Steven Seagal energy drink does make sense. At least you actually could imagine Steven Seagal getting pumped up on caffeine-charged juice before heading off to beat someone to a pulp with a pool cue. The product is “as unique as the man who created it.” The low-budget ad campaign certainly attests to that.

Donald Trump steaks

Donald Trump is a business man known for putting his name to things. But there’s something borderline sinister about seeing him hunched over a platter of meat pointing at what he calls “the world’s greatest steaks”. The steak venture flopped and has since been discontinued. This may or may not have something to do with the Trump Steakhouse being closed down for over 50 health violations in 2012 – one of which included serving duck meat that was five months old.

One Direction Monopoly

One Direction has a plethora of own-branded products marketed at teenage girls: perfume, make-up, hoodies, towels and alarm clocks. The One Direction Monopoly board takes the game’s traditional elements and mixes them up with trading options including performing on the X Factor, singles, albums and ‘moments’.

Hulk Hogan cheeseburger

Not as surprising as it originally may appear, Hogan’s career spans numerous attempts at business ventures with varying degrees of success. As well as the microwaveable ‘Hulkster Burger’, he launched a restaurant called ‘Pastamania’, a blender known as The Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer, and The Ultimate Grill – a grilling machine which was eventually recalled as it tended to spit burning oil at the person cooking on it.

Danny DeVito limoncello

Capitalising on his Italian roots, Danny DeVito launched his own brand of limoncello in 2006. Made from the zest of lemons in Sorrento, it comes with a scratch-n-sniff label. It also comes with a theme tune sung by the Hollywood hero himself. It goes a little something like this: “Danny DeVito’s Limoncello, it’s a taste delight from this famous fellow / It’s so very nice, perfect served cold on ice / The finest summer drink from Italy.” Catchy.

Enrique Iglesias’ extra small condoms

Enrique Iglesias announced the launch of an extra small condom range after declaring to the world, “The next product I’m going to put my name on is extra-small condoms. I can never find extra-small condoms and I know it’s really embarrassing for people.” The less said about that the better, really.