Sir Roger Moore defends decision to live in Monaco and Switzerland

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ACTOR Sir Roger Moore has denied he was being unpatriotic by living abroad arguing he had paid his fair share of taxes in the UK.

The former James Bond star said that he would return to Britain if he could afford to buy a house in the country.

And he added that he thought Prime Minister David Cameron was doing “wonderfully well” over the European crisis.

Sir Roger, 84, who divides his time between Switzerland and Monaco, discussed his reasons for living abroad.

“It’s not about tax. That’s a serious part of it. I come back to England often enough not to miss it, to see the changes, to find some of the changes good,” he said. “I paid my taxes at the time that I was earning a decent income, so I’ve paid my due.”

Asked what would make him return, he added: “Being able to afford a house in the country. I would come back like a shot.”