McKellan enjoys hitting the heights in The Hobbit

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Sir Ian McKellen’s favourite part of filming The Hobbit was being surrounded by kneeling dwarves, according to Sir Peter Jackson.

The film’s director said the actors playing the dwarves were made to look smaller by having Sir Ian stand on a box, but added: “There’s also Ian’s favourite technique, which was the dwarves on their knees.”

Sir Ian, who plays Gandalf in the film, said: “I adore all the dwarves, they know that.”

The actor, 73, also spoke about the change involved in switching from playing Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy to playing him again in The Hobbit.

“He comes back as the most boring man or wizard that could have possibly been invented,” Sir Ian said. “The beard is gone, he seems to have stopped having any fun and of course he has got to save Middle Earth so he’s got a mission. He doesn’t even have a pointy hat.”

Philippa Boyens, who co-wrote the script, said she thought JRR Tolkien would have been pleased with the three-part adapted version of his novel.

She said: “Professor Tolkien said when he wrote this mythology he did hope it would have a life of its own.

“I can’t imagine he would have huge issues with a lot of it. That wasn’t his job, to turn it into a film; that was our job.”