Faces of the week: Stephenie Meyer | E L James | Sherlock Holmes

Stephenie Meyer. Picture: Getty
Stephenie Meyer. Picture: Getty
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HER Twilight novels inspired the oxymoron “abstinence porn”, and Fifty Shades… , a franchise she’s shunned, being no fan of kinky boots, sexy bits, and body fluids that aren’t blood.

(By all reports she’d not notice the poor prose.) But the best news this week is that her husband’s name is Christian!

E L James

It is truly the end of days when one whose trademark is exceptionally bad writing publishes a writer’s guide. And so, on Mayday (write your own joke) she brings out Fifty Shades of Grey: Inner Goddess, a journal plus playlists plus inspirational writing tips. Cue thunder cracks and a quartet of horsemen.

Sherlock Holmes

An acrimonious US lawsuit is challenging whether or not Holmes lies in the public domain, and accusing Conan Doyle’s estate – who have asserted perpetually renewable trademark status for the character – of bullying tactics. Serious stuff, that’s descended into a pissing match between fan factions over who loves Holmes best.