James McAvoy in a scene from M Night Shyamalan's Glass PIC: Jessica Kourkounis/Universal Pictures via AP

Glass film review: James McAvoy is best thing about Shyamalan’s movie

M Night Shyamalan was ahead of the curve when he made his rooted-in-reality superhero film Unbreakable back in 2000. Before Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he approached superpowers with an emotionally grounded reverence that would take audiences a few more years to latch on to. In the interim, Shyamalan — after an initial run of hits — went on to make a solid decade of duds, but with his 2016 comeback movie, Split, the master of twist endings demonstrated he hadn’t completely lost his touch, revealing in the final seconds that it was really a pseudo sequel to Unbreakable all along.

Local hero stars, left to right, the phone box, Peter Riegert and Christopher Rozycki

Seven classic moments from the film Local Hero

As The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh prepares to stage the world premiere of a major new production of Local Hero, we take a look back at seven classic moments from the film that pitted the ambitions of American oil multinational against the ways of a beautiful Highland village.

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