Film review: Ocean’s 8

Just as George Clooney floated out of her orbit in the opening scenes of Gravity, Sandra Bullock finds herself once again bidding adieu to the silver-haired charmer in Ocean’s 8. In this mostly female spin-off from the Clooney-led heist franchise, Bullock plays Danny Ocean’s sister, Debbie, whose first action after being newly paroled from prison is to visit a funeral home to pay tribute to her (apparently) dear departed brother.

Bill Murray and Jan Vogler warm up for their show, Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends, New Worlds. Picture: Copyright

Interview: Bill Murray and Jan Vogler

Bill Murray and a chamber trio led by his friend, cellist Jan Vogler, are travelling the world sharing their love of words and music with New Worlds, a celebration of positive American values. The Hollywood star talks to Janet Christie ahead of their Edinburgh show

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Film reviews: Hereditary | Supertroopers 2 | The Happy Prince | Studio 54

Superior horror film Hereditary plays with genre expectations while still offering plenty of scares

Jane Horrocks will be among the stars heading down the red carpet at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Edinburgh film festival reveals line-up of stars heading down red carpet

Jane Horrocks, Samantha Morton, Sadie Frost, Billie Piper will be among the stars heading down the Edinburgh Film Festival’s red carpet this month, organisers have revealed.
Picture: Itison Drive-in Movies returns this summer with a Harry Potter extravaganza, supplied

5 of the best outdoor cinema and theatre events to enjoy in Scotland this summer

With the good weather set to continue, why not take in a film or theatre performance at one of these alfresco screenings?

Rupert Everett says he missed out on big films after being blocked by a studio for being gay. Picture: Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

Gay actors in Hollywood treated like second-class citizens, says Everett

Rupert Everett has said he lost out on “three or four” roles in big Hollywood films because he is gay.

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Film reviews: McQueen | That Summer | The Boy Downstairs

McQueen charts the irresistible rise of the mercurial designer and traces the mental anguish he suffered back to his troubled childhood

Chris Pratt and friend in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Film review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

After 2015’s execrable Jurassic Park reboot became one of the highest grossing movies of all time, the lifespan of this dinosaur cloning franchise has been extended for a few more years yet, as evidenced by this largely tedious follow up.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will premier at cinemas across the UK today. Picture: Universal Pictures via AP

Scottish beauty spot to feature in new Jurassic World film

A Scottish beauty spot will feature in the new Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Marine Vacth and Jeremie Renier in L'Amant Double

Film reviews: L’Amant Double | My Friend Dahmer | Book Club | The Rape of Recy Taylor

Trashy, clever and overblown, François Ozon’s twin-based horror L’Amant Double teeters on the brink of silliness, while the veteran female stars of Book Club are ill-served by a patronising script laced with lame jokes

On Chesil Beach

Film reviews: On Chesil Beach | The Breadwinner | Edie

While the unravelling of a marriage is compelling viewing, the clumsy jumping through time and lack of ambiguity in the storytelling makes On Chesil Beach forgettable cinema

Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Film review: Solo - A Star Wars Story

As with the excellent Rogue One, the buzz around this Han Solo origins story has been terrible. The departure of original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie) suggested risk and irreverence had been sacrificed for safety and profit, especially when Ron Howard replaced them. But after die-hard fans had Phantom Menace-style meltdowns over The Last Jedi’s contentious treatment of Luke Skywalker, Howard’s hiring now seems like a canny move. He served his apprenticeship with George Lucas, after all, starring in American Graffiti (alongside a very young Harrison Ford) and directing the Lucas-penned fantasy adventure film Willow (not a great movie, but still...). Given the way that these spin-off sagas seem intent on embracing the past rather than overturning it, a talented caretaker is maybe all that’s required to provide the requisite fan service demanded so vociferously online.

Mark Adams, artistic director of the festival, is at the helm of the event for the fourth time. Picture: Contributed

Edinburgh Film Festival announces star-studded line-up for 2018

Comedy star Rob Brydon, Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin, BAFTA-winning writer David Hare and rising British actor George Mackay will be taking centre stage at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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The premiere of Puzzle, starring Scots Trainspotting actress Kelly Macdonald, will open the Edinburgh International Film Festival this summer

Alistair Harkness gives his verdict on Edinburgh Film Festival line-up

The Scotsman critic Alistair Harkness has his say on the Edinburgh film festival line-up

Derelict Leith cinema being brought back to life for final screening

Derelict Leith cinema being brought back to life for final screening

A dusty, derelict cinema which was once a palace of the silver screen is to revisit its glorious past before being lost forever.

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Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to a threat from Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic)

Film reviews: Deadpool 2 | Filmworker | Cambodian Spring

While the Deadpool sequel is funnier and filthier than the original, its ruthless send-up of the superhero genre belies the fact it is a cash-making franchise itself

Celebrated Scottish film director Bill Forsyth will be screening Local Hero and discussing a new stage adaptation of the classic comedy with theatre-maker David Greig at the film festival.

Director Bill Forsyth confirmed in Edinburgh International Film Festival line-up

Celebrated Scottish director Bill Forsyth is to return to the Edinburgh International Film Festival this summer - to lift the lid on his new version of Local Hero.
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Eddie Marsan is in Deadpool 2, out on Tuesday. Picture: Debra Hurford Brown Grooming by Charlie Duffy at Carol Hayes Management,

Interview: Eddie Marsan

Eddie Marsan has no romantic notions about his East End upbringing, telling Janet Christie he’s defined by character not class.The actor talks about his new film Deadpool 2, hit US series Ray Donovan and how he struggles to 
get decent parts on British TV.

Portraits by Debra Hurford Brown

Daniel Br�hl and Rosamund Pike in Entebbe

Film reviews: Entebbe | Redoubtable | How to Talk to Girls at Parties | Anon | Sherlock Gnomes

Entebbe director José Padilha does good work in capturing the tension and ideological complexities of the Air France hijacking of 1976 – then throws it all away with a bewildering and indulgent final act

A scene from Horizon, screening as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

Festival preview: The dramas and documentaries in the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival film competition take a creative approach to complex issues

There’s a scene in Horizon, one of the award-winning films at this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF), which has stayed with me for weeks. A teenage girl, Lieke, has just made a serious accusation against her swimming teacher, which has been brought to the attention of the headmaster. In a panic, the teacher tracks her down at home; as they sit together in his car, he tells her she could destroy his career with this lie. Lieke slaps him across the face and storms off.

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