What the bloggers think we’ll be wearing in 2016

Picture: Coloured eyeliner will be replacing classic black in 2016
Picture: Coloured eyeliner will be replacing classic black in 2016
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As we fast approach 2016, devoted fashion fans are already looking forward to the next trend.

2015 has seen the nineties revival with chokers, bomber jackets and ripped jeans all making a comeback, but what will the next 12 months hold?

Picture: Denim is a wardrobe must-have

Picture: Denim is a wardrobe must-have

We spoke to Scottish fashion bloggers Betty and Bee about what we can expect in fashion, accessories and makeup in the new year.

Blogging dream team Betty (aka Sherri) and Bee (aka Claire) are dedicated to bringing bright new fashion to the streets of Glasgow. The duo blog separately at www.foreveryoursbetty.com and www.beewaits.com and together at www.bettyandbee.com.

Their unique style and eye for the next big thing has seen them hailed as Scottish fashion royalty and work alongside boundary pushing brands like BLOW and Silken Favours.

The pair have already got their eye on what’s going up in 2016.

Picture: Double denim will be making an appearance in the New Year

Picture: Double denim will be making an appearance in the New Year

“We’ll continue to see people looking towards second cities for sartorial inspiration”, Bee says. “London and New York aren’t going to be the heavy hitters next year as we’ll see local design take over. Just look at what happened with Glasgow’s BLOW and their glitter roots!

“I think we’re seeing people change the way they shop. We’re looking at less trend pieces and more personality pieces - the indie is here to stay.”

If there’s one thing that the girls know about, its personality pieces. The duo are notable for their daring hair and statement wardrobe (Betty rocked a irn-bru can inspired dress to the Scottish Style Awards this year).

For Betty, it’s all about texture and shape in 2016. “Feathers, ruffles and rainbow prints will be great additions to transform classic wardrobe essentials and bring them bang up to date. The silhouette seems to be getting rounder. Jumpers, outerwear and even blouses on the runway had puffy shoulders which to me is a welcomed entry from the dropped shoulder we have seen for a few seasons now.”

Picture: Irn Bru bag from Betty's collection with Sara Sboul

Picture: Irn Bru bag from Betty's collection with Sara Sboul

As for how you can prepare right now, it starts with picking yourself up some wardrobe essentials. On the list of must haves is a raincoat and overalls which will take you right through to spring/summer.

“And the Canadian tuxedo is going nowhere (double, even triple denim)”, according to Betty.

“With denim you can really do no wrong, just make sure you are investing in quality and buying pieces which sit well with your existing denim pieces. Denim is built to last so you shouldn’t be buying more every season. Look at what you have and add only when necessary. Bleaching and ripping is taking a step back where embroidery is moving in.”

The new year will also see a shift in beauty trends, the girls predict. 2015 was largely dominated by fuller lips, contouring and simple winged eyeliner. 2016 is looking to be much bolder.

“Coloured eyeliner is a big beauty one”, Bee says. “From flashes of glitter to matte white, we’re seeing people being more and more experimental with their make up. Less the blue mascara of the nineties and more ashish in SS16.”

“Make up wise I agree with Bee, on the coloured eyeliner front but I think metallics are also going be huge for the eyes and lips. Highlighter is a girl’s new best friend but looks like it’s going be taken up a notch in 2016!”

And finally, accessories. The final touches to your outfits will also be taken up a notch. Chunky chains, fur and fringing have been matching our outfits all year but 2016 will see fabrics follow suits. Betty says: “Whatever fabric your look is made of - be it tweed, print, or colour - your bag should follow suit. Basically the matchier the better. I personally love this look as I feel it gives a sophisticated 60s nod without the silhouette.”