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Carrier bag full of shopping.
Carrier bag full of shopping.
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TODAY’S top stories on social media from Scotland and beyond, from the death of Sweden’s favourite author to plastic bag ‘chaos’

England brings in 5p charge for supermarket plastic bags

Supermarkets and other large shops in England have stepped in line with the rest of the UK today by implementing a five pence charge for previously free plastic carrier bags. The charge is expected to lower the number of bags used per year in the country (currently over seven billion) and save around £60 million in litter clean-up costs. Overly dramatic reporting of the story across various media outlets has tickled Twitter and Facebook users, prompting the topic to trend as users describe how they are coping with the ‘chaos’.

Swedish author Henning Mankell dies at 67

Beloved Swedish writer and creator of the Wallander mystery series Henning Mankell has passed away this morning at home in Gothenburg. In January 2014 the 67 year old announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and it was thought that his treatment had been a success. However, sadly it seems that the disease was not completely cured. Mankell leaves behind his wife Eva Bergman and his son Jon. Fans from all over the world have taken to Twitter today to pay their respects.

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American Apparel files for bankruptcy proection

Famous US clothing retailer American Apparel has agreed to a deal to restructure its finances today after ongoing issues came to a head. The company - which has 260 shops and concessions in 19 countries - lost $19.4 million (£12.8 million) between April and June 2015. American Apparel has also been involved in a longstanding legal dispute with its founder Dov Charney after Charney was fired over misconduct claims. The company plans to keep its stores open and hopes to cut its $300 million debt in half through the financial restructure.

Ched Evans rape conviction given appeal

Former Sheffield United footballer Ched Evans’ controversial rape case hit the headlines again today after it was revealed that new information has come to light. Evans was convicted for the rape of a 19 year old woman in 2012 and served half of a five year sentence. The case has now been referred to the court of appeal, causing some outrage on social media. Evans plead not guilty to the rape, claiming the 19 year old in question agreed to consensual sex. The woman has since had to change her identity several times after being identified.

Sweden adopts six-hour work day

It may sound like a fantasy come true, but many Swedish businesses have trimmed their eight hour work day down by two hours with great success. Companies like Toyota Services in Gothenburg (who made the switch 13 years ago) have reported increased profits and happier staff as a result. The rest of the world have taken to Twitter today to express their approval of the idea - ironic considering that the use of personal social media tends to be prohibited in a six hour work day environment as it impedes productivity.