Nine male fashion faux pas you should stop immediately

Meggings: exercise with caution
Meggings: exercise with caution
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THE world of fashion can be a challenging and fickle place, but men: if you care a jot about your appearance, cease and desist with the following fashion crimes at once

Socks and sandals

Sandals and socks, the ultimate fashion faux pas? Picture:

Sandals and socks, the ultimate fashion faux pas? Picture:

It’s long been one of the deadly sins of fashion, but sandals and socks still persists, like a veruca, on the feet of a few repeat offenders (probably an uncle). Cease and desist immediately.

Double denim

When worn in the right way, denim-on-denim can be a great look. However, when it’s not, it can leave you looking like a member of B*witched. And not even they look like B*witched anymore.

Drop crotch

Drop crotch trousers. Picture:

Drop crotch trousers. Picture:

Even the name is off-putting. The drop crotch trend is sweeping the country, transforming perfectly nice trousers into ill-fitting eyesores. There’s nothing attractive about a man with his crotch at his knees.

Flared jeans

Paired with the right ‘70s inspired outfit, flared jeans can look great. They’ve made a tentative revival on some catwalks, but until you start wearing them with some tan ankle boots (as opposed to a pair of fusty old trainers) they are on the blacklist.

Accessories overload

Most men don’t really do accessories. When they do, they usually overdo it. Topman and River Island stock all kinds of off-the-rack pieces to add something extra to outfits, and it’s not uncommon to see men rocking a decorative ring or eight. A few accessories are good, even great, but there’s a line between looking good and looking like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Deep V-necks

There’s nothing wrong with throwing out a neck for a casual outfit, but the display of man cleavage, chest hair and possibly a nipple – big no-no.

Shirt and no belt

Tucking a smart shirt into jeans without a belt makes the whole thing look scruffy and unfinished. Loafers and slippers excepted, you wouldn’t wear shoes without laces, would you? Belt loops exist for a reason.

Too-tight t-shirts

Do you spend all your time at the gym? Congratulations. Now go buy a t-shirt that fits you. Your massive biceps might impress your friends but wearing a t-shirt that looks like it was made for a 12-year-old is doing nothing for everyone else.


First came the skinny jeans, then came skinny jogging trousers, and now, meggings. Women have only now come to terms with the minefield of how and when to wear leggings, and now men are having a go at it. They’ll probably fail. They’ll get laughed at for wearing a pair in the middle of December. Unless you’re just out of aerobics class, give it a rest.