Lynne McCrossan: Get your hand in your pocket and back our shops

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There is a bit of nostalgia surrounding our high street.

A sentiment that is useless unless people get behind how they are feeling – that is, supporting local business.

I’ve lost count of the amount of people who moan about large chains chocking communities, the very same people who shop in said stores.

July is Independent Retailer Month UK, promoting the importance of putting your money where your mouth is. Apparently, for every £1 spent locally, around 50p to 70p of that money re-circulates back into the local economy. For the same £1 spent out of town or online, only 5p trickles back to the local community.

A fact that has made some impact with shoppers. I was in chatting with my friend Adele, who runs the divine denim emporium on Thistle Street called ALC, about it last week.

She is wholeheartedly behind the campaign, armed with a pretty amazing goodie bag up for grabs for her customers. She has roped in the brands that she stocks in store to participate. With a pair of jeans and £50 of store credit to give away, Adele wishes she could nab it for herself.

The relatively new retailer is so proactive about getting involved but she needs local support. Let’s give it to her, and the other local retailers in the city. Try buying locally for the full month of July. It makes a massive difference.

Fashion insider

Jenners is to embrace the beauty of Scotland as Valvona & Crolla lovingly takes home-grown brands such as Lochcarron tartan, Harris tweed and Hawick cashmere under its umbrella.

Doors will open for a wee launch party

for the public on July 20. Go get

your Scottish on.

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