Lynne McCrossan: Dress-making revealed my naked ambition

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NOSTALGIA is rife. I blame dark days, they act like a breeding ground for contemplation as booze flows more freely when the sun goes down.

The cathartic checklist over everyone’s misfortune and achievements are bandied around like badges of honour acting like a catalyst for change.

Taking stock is a necessary tool to move forward, and looking back at the last 12 months can be just the tonic you need.

One of my biggest eye openers of 2012 came from my dress-making challenge.

Initially I viewed it as a bit of a laugh, after all, sewing a frock together was hardly going to send shock waves through the world.

But there have been ripples in my working life. The value in a piece of clothing has considerably changed in my eyes. My old cheap and cheerful philosophy has fallen by the wayside as I now understand every aspect of what goes into getting a garment on to a rail.

From friends starting up fledgling fashion labels to witnessing the craftsmanship of the Chanel show in Linlithgow, it dawned on me that this business spans both art and necessity like no other industry.

Many may turn their nose up at the frivolousness of fashion, thinking they couldn’t care less or appear too intelligent for it. But I’ll bet those people who dismiss fashion’s impact on the world won’t be doing that in the buff.


AULD Reekie’s resident milliner, Miss Sally Ann Provan, has an exciting 2013 ahead of her. Her new collection has a little 1970s vibe running through its backbone with fedoras and trilbies featuring.

I can’t wait to get a sneak peek at

her latest creations.