Interview: William Tempest, Fashion Designer

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Fashion Designer William Tempest reveals a little of his wardrobe.

What’s the last piece of clothing you bought? I bought a black McQ top with red tartan checked sleeves from Liberty in London.

Best ever bargain? A printed Prada rain jacket, which I got really cheap in the sale. It scrunches up into nothing and doesn’t crease.

Who has great style? Kristen Stewart and Diane Kruger.

Name your favourite high street shop. It has to be River Island, but I also pop into Zara every now and then.

What are you addicted to buying? I’ve learnt to be really good, and now only buy clothes if I’m definitely going to wear them. However, when food shopping I’m addicted to buying baking ingredients, which build up and result in a massive bake-a-thon.

Any fashion disasters you’d care to tell us about? A huge Sean John T-shirt which went down to my knees. I couldn’t really pull off the gangsta look.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? All my Simeon Farrar printed T-shirts and my carrot leg Nike pants.

The William Tempest for River Island DESIGN FORUM collection is now available at Glasgow’s 20-24 Argyle Street store, tel: 0844 395 1006,