Fashion Q&A: Sayoko Kobayashi, jewellery designer

Sayoko Kobayashi
Sayoko Kobayashi
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Jewellery designer Sayoko Kobayashi opens up on her life in clothes

What’s the last piece of clothing you bought?

A simple Uniqlo crew neck grey cashmere cardigan.

What are you addicted to buying?

Studying abroad is expensive – but when I was in Japan I was constantly buying shoes and bags. I have almost 100 pairs of shoes at home in Kyoto. Now I only need comfortable shoes like a pair of trainers, and some warm boots or wellies. I’m cured.

Best ever bargain?

A pair of short leather boots I bought while studying in Milan for a year. They were about €40 and the quality is amazing.

Who has great style?

I like Gwyneth Paltrow’s style, especially her casual look from the Nineties.

Name your favourite high street shop.

Biscuit (Edinburgh) and Salvatore + Marie (Milan). They just match my tastes.

Any fashion disasters you’d care to tell us about?

I was waiting for a tram in Kyoto and got the heel of my favourite Georgina Goodman heels stuck in a storm drain. I managed to miss the tram with everyone staring at me, was late to work, and ended up paying a huge amount to have them fixed. That was a disaster.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

A reversible silk blouse I bought at Salvatore + Marie in Milan.