Fashion: Patterned outfits

Picture:  Neil Hanna
Picture: Neil Hanna
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Prepare yourself, a pattern revolution has hit the high street. For the past few seasons, the threat of head-to-toe textiles was sidelined for hardcore fashionistas.

Not anymore, we have moved into an era of patterned trouser domination so here’s a guide to a few options from entry level dabbling to full-on pattern embrace. There is a style preference for everyone.

All you have to do is pick from skinny cigarette pants, full-on floaty flares or opulent pyjama suits and you’ll never look back.

Getting started:

The more outlandish prints are going to be the first thing to grab your attention but there is no need to let them distract you. There is a ton of more subtle prints floating around that can easily be placed with block colours or simple black tones. A figure skimming cigarette pant which is slightly cropped at the ankle is a great jumping-off point. The chic cut of trouser will leave you feeling comfortable while growing your confidence with print.

Simple shirts:

If the thought of going head to toe is too much for you, invest in a great white shirt. This wardrobe staple is so versatile and it cuts right through the craziness of print. The one style tip that should be followed if you are going ahead with white shirt on top and print pant on bottom is you must tuck your shirt inside the waistband of the trouser. You want to create a feminine frame around the masculine shape of the clothes, so your waist is important.

Pyjama suits:

This may sound bonkers, and I’m sure you have walk passed copious amounts of racks in department stores thinking “How on Earth could you wear that?” but trust me when I say you will feel amazing wearing a pyjama suit. The soft silky fabrics feel great and the cut of the pieces is so comfortable you really do feel like you’re wearing your jim-jams en route to work. The choice of print is all about how confident you feel, but don’t dismiss something on the hanger as these bad boys look completely different when on the female form. Keep accessories to a minimum here as the print is the real star. As for footwear, opt for a dainty high heel to counterbalance the fact you could be heading to bed.