Designer label Abandon Ship donates expensive jackets to charity

Shelter: Jacket donation
Shelter: Jacket donation
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A designer clothing label has donated £13,000 of jackets to a homelessness charity.

Streetwear brand Abandon Ship Apparel has given 200 unworn jackets worth £65 each to Shelter Scotland’s network of charity shops.

The label said a design mix-up meant the wrong fasteners were stitched on to the jackets so they decided to give them to charity rather than waste them.

Shelter will sell the jackets for £25 each and say every one sold will help three households facing homelessness with advice and support.

The charity said it was in shock at the donation and thanked the label for its generosity.

Last month, Shelter’s Aberdeen shop took in more than £1,000 in a day after a host of designer clothes were donated anonymously.

Graeme Brown, director of Shelter Scotland, said: “When Abandon Ship Apparel contacted us about this donation we were in shock.”ends