Christmas gift guide: Six quirky presents

Freudian slippers
Freudian slippers
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THERE are only so many Christmases in a row that you can get away with fobbing off an inoffensive skincare range on your mum. Your daughter doesn’t care about a Furby. Your dad is sick of scarves. Have your Christmas shopping wrapped up with these curious, amusing - and, perhaps, even vaguely useful - festive gifts

iPad fridge magnet

iPad fridge magnet

iPad fridge magnet


Colourful letters and cutesy idioms are no match for the sheer audacity (not to mention size) of an iPad stuck on your fridge. Quite useful too if you like watching telly in the kitchen.

Freudian slippers


It’s a present and a pun, all wrapped in one. Indulge your unconscious desires (for comfort) with this toasty, professorial pair of house shoes inspired by psychologist Sigmund Freud.

Musical wine glasses


Music tastes that much sweeter when chiming from a wine glass full to the brim with rioja. Different story when the glass gets emptier, mind you.

Scientific oil & vinegar set


Make Heston Blumenthal look like a chancer with this delicious science kit for your kitchen.

Whisky bath and shower gel


Smelling like a dram of whisky in the morning will likely draw some deeply disapproving shakes of the head. Or else someone will want to drink you. A gift perhaps best reserved for someone who’s really into it.

Horse’s head pillowcase


“I’m gonna make you an offer that you can’t refuse... unless you’re into dressage.”