Theatre review: Fish Food

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: The Plaza Court Hotel in ­Boston is a city landmark, but by 1990 is eking out its ­fading grandeur until ­financier Avery Grand promises an $8 million makeover.

Paradise in the Vault (Venue 29)


Meanwhile, college drop-out Joe Bacon just wants a job in room service. He finds a home among the hotel’s army of eccentrics, and all will be well as long as he doesn’t ask questions about why the lobby furniture’s disappearing and why he is being asked to take large sums of money to the bank in plastic bags.

Michael O’Halloran’s ­imaginative, offbeat ­comedy by Boston-based Avenue Stage theatre company is a pleasant way to spend an hour. Quick-fire dialogue brings the hotel’s cast of eccentrics to life, from Bobby the camp sommelier ­(Geoffrey ­Pingree) to fiesty front of house manager Lana (Eunice Simmons).

Through all this, ­hapless, wide-eyed Joe (Desmond O’Halloran) manages – against his expectations and ours – to swim rather than sink, even after that ­unfortunate incident with the packet of condoms. Likeable, quirky and funny, Fish Food lifts the lid on the world of luxury hospitality in a few ­unexpected ways.

Until 19 August. Today 11:25am.