Theatre, Cabaret & Spoken Word

Theatre, Cabaret & Spoken Word
Cherie Moore helps Robin Kelly untangle his family tree. Picture: Contributed

Theatre review: Valerie, Summerhall

With the poise and power of a 1950s screen legend, Cherie Moore is blasting out a song, accompanied by her two-man live band, to such an extent that it feels like it’s going to burst through the walls and bring down Summerhall’s ceiling. Meanwhile, the audience is still traipsing in. The show hasn’t even started yet.

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Where It Hurts is set in the waiting room of a psychiatric unit. Picture: Chris Scott

Theatre reviews: Mark Thomas – Check Up: Our NHS at 70 | Where It Hurts

Perhaps it takes a stand-up comedian of Mark ­Thomas’s experience to create a show as perfectly balanced between laugh-a-minute entertainment and hard-edged political commentary as his latest monologue Check Up, designed to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS. For the past year,­ ­Thomas has been researching the state of the service, visiting operating ­theatres, accident & emergency departments and GP surgeries, mainly around London.

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The cast of Thor And Loki are experts at multi-tasking. Picture: Geraint Lewis

Musicals & opera review: Thor And Loki, Assembly Roxy

Wagner’s Ring cycle is fine and all that but if you would rather see an alternative reading of Norse mythology – where the fabled Ragnarok is adapted as a musical theatre romp about equality, diversity and open borders – then Thor and Loki is probably more up your fjord, and somewhat pithier in the telling.

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From Greek myths to Hollywood glamour. Picture: Contributed

Theatre review: A Generous Lover, Summerhall

“Maybe madness is always a little seductive,” muses La JohnJoseph, a short way into this elegant, incisive and intoxicating solo show. It’s a latter-day riff on the Orpheus myth, with JohnJoseph a wry and glamorous Eurydice, part golden-age Hollywood vamp, part witchy aristo, part street-savvy queer.

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