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Jonathan Safran Foer’s hotly anticipated novel worth the wait

Here I Am, Jonathan Safran Foer’s first novel outing in 11 years, is well worth the wait, finds Susan Mansfield

The action of Cosi fan Tutte is transported to an Italian colony in 1930s Africa. Picture: Pascal Victor/ArtComArt

Sao Paolo Orchestra revives works by exploited Shostakovich

In an otherwise moving and uplifting programme, a bitingly satirical makeover of a Mozart classic proves deeply unsettling

Free Fringe founder Peter Buckley Hill has a wonderful way with words. Picture: Contributed

Revelling with crazy, funny and passionate Peter Buckley Hill

Performers who encapsulate the true Fringe spirit have been in worryingly short supply this year, and if this proves to be Peter Buckley Hill’s last hurrah, Edinburgh will be the poorer for it

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It's a thrill to see Jessica Almasy, Brian Ferguson and Sandy Grierson share a stage in Anything That Gives Off Light, even though the play has its flaws. Picture: Jon Savage

Deluded dramas suffer identity crisis

The central metaphor in Al Smith’s Diary Of A Madman is about the layers of paint on the Forth Rail Bridge. Pop Sheeran is one of a long line of South Queensferry painters who have worked steadily over the decades adding layer upon layer until the girder beneath seems like ancient history.

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Beast by Paul Kingsnorth. Picture: Contributed

Book review: Beast by Paul Kingsnorth

Paul Kingsnorth has produced a memorable portrait of a mind on the brink, writes Roger Cox


Interview: Greg Lawson’s tribute to Martyn Bennett lead to Grit Orchestra

Greg Lawson’s tribute to his friend Martyn Bennett was supposed to be a one-off. But instead it has inspired a whole new model 
for making music, he tells Susan Mansfield

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Raw will soon perform its 90th show

Raw will hold its 90th and final performance for current cast

For these young performers, being part of Raw has become second nature - it is just something they do and they do it well.

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Syrian antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim Picture: AFP

Edinburgh International Cultural guest Syria’s Maamoun Abdulkarim

The Culture Summit is a chance to bring Scottish concerns to an international audience, and vice versa, writes Tim Cornwell

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James Kelman, the influential Scottish writer of novels, short stories, plays, and political essays, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Book Festival round-up

The events of Monday’s Book Festival

Comedian Adam Hess

The 50 Best Jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Comedy is never lacking at the Festivals, but here are some of the best jokes out there.

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Anything That Gives Off Light is a foot-stomping collaboration exploring the tension between self-interest and sacrifice Picture: Jon Savage

Brian Ferguson: The Brian Ferguson play

I’ve lost count of the number of people telling me that I really, really need to check out “the Brian Ferguson play” at the Edinburgh International Festival.

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Graeme Macrae Burnet PIC: John Devlin

Interview: Graeme Macrae Burnet on His Bloody Project and Man Booker Prize nomination

Graeme Macrae Burnet’s Man Booker-longlisted novel about a crime is one of the most convincing and engrossing of the year.w

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Lionel Shriver attends a photocall at Edinburgh International Book Festival Picture: Getty

Book Festival leaves audience in tears

One should never claim to be so grizzled and cynical that the emotive force of a book cannot reach out and firmly tug the heartstrings, writes David Robinson

The renewal of Trident has kept Jenna's play relevant

Brian Ferguson: Trident play more relevant than ever

AS Alan Cumming is turned away from a social event, Jenna Watt thanks the new Prime Minister for keeping her show relevant.

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Val McDermid, for whom the books 'just keep coming', will speak at the Book Festival tonight.

Interview: Val McDermid is excited for her future novels

Scotland’s most revered crime writer, Val McDermid, publishes her 30th novel this week – but she has no intention of stopping there, finds Susan Mansfield.

Julia Taudevin (second right) collaborates with composer Kim Moore (second left) and musicians Susan Bear (left) and Julie Eisenstein (right). Picture: John Devlin

Julia Taudevin on shock value and Canadian punk terrorists

Julia ‘AJ’ Taudevin talks about the Canadian punk terrorists who inspired her new show and why she wasn’t prepared to compromise on its shock value, writes David Pollock

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Mark Cousins and Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite both remember how nuclear weapons cast a shadow over their youth. Picture: Greg Macvean

Mogwai earns new respect globally with Atomic soundtrack

Creating the soundtrack for Mark Cousins’ intense documentary about fear of nuclear Armageddon has earned Mogwai new respect – here and around the globe

Author Judith Kerr. Picture: Christian Czako

Author Judith Kerr returns to Nazi Germany in her second novel

With her illustrated children’s classics as popular as ever, Judith Kerr tells Chitra Ramaswamy what made her return to her childhood in Nazi Germany for a second novel

The Jockey II by Paloma Proudfoot and Aniela Piasecka at Edinburgh Art Festival Kiosk as part of Platform. Picture: Rosie Harriet

Arts review: Edinburgh Art Festival

Jupiter Artland and Inverleith House make wonderful backdrops for exciting work, while the late Jo Spence’s art is as vital as ever

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