Comedy review: Tim Renkow: King Of The Tramps

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Tim Renkow is a ferocious comedian. And I use the word advisedly.

Star rating: ****

Venue: Heroes @ The Hive (Venue 313)

“I like making people uncomfortable,” he informs us, turning a grin that makes Jaws look like Shane MacGowan on the front row. Job done.

Tim has recently acquired a girlfriend and some of the time he would normally spend trying to incite a fatwa against himself is now spent on discussing sex (and why he doesn’t like to do it with able-bodied women) and his new relationship. Hearts and flowers this is not.

His description of two disabled people having sex is worth going along for on its own, but we get so, so much more. His thoughts on babies are brilliantly brutal, his descriptions of his mother equally so and his stories of Jesus the homeless man he befriended are dark but entertaining. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well.

It is when Tim goes where no-one has been before and you see his footprints in the comedy snow that you realise how great he is, although members of the trans community might want to give the show a bodyswerve. We get racism and anti-Semitism (discussed, not evinced) and, as we rage our way to the end, we get flavoured condoms. What more could you ask ?

Until 28 August. Tomorrow 7:50pm.

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