Comedy review: Matt Winning: Ragnarok

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Promising the Fringe show to end all Fringe shows, Matt Winning has gone high-concept for his second solo hour.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Opium (Venue 96)

We first encounter him as Captain Oscar Winning, drifting through space in the distant future with his computer CAL. Earth is dead but he’s been bequeathed a star, inherited from his 21st century ancestor Matt.

With both Apple and his girlfriend’s malevolent descendent pursuing this heirloom for themselves, Oscar has also discovered Matt’s 2016 diary and footage of the Fringe show he performed that changed the world. An elaborately set up conceit, Winning flits between Matt and Oscar, his double act with the pre-recorded CAL humanising the more abstract aspects of his humour. Featuring cameos from Josie Long and Richard Gadd, there are some clever gags, including an astute analysis of the economics underpinning the Bank of Mum and Dad.

Fostering doubt as to how much Winning believes in these routines or is mocking his own mildly absurdist style, the Glaswegian doesn’t challenge that impression with esoteric routines about corn on the cob and clay pigeons. Ultimately he resolves it to a certain extent with knowing satire on himself and the Fringe.

Until 27 August. Today 3:45pm.

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