Cabaret & Variety review: The Tap Pack

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Opportunities to see high quality tap dancing are few and far between these days, so on that front, these five guys plug a genuine gap in the market.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8)

Which is where a mild frustration comes in. The talent residing in those ten feet is considerable – the speed, the tricky manoeuvres, the rhythmic unison that sets your pulse racing, it’s all there. But so too are moments of padding which diminish the overall effect. Humour that only partially hits the spot, percussion and juggling sections that should really be left to those who specialise in that genre.

Competent singing (and strong song choices) add a pleasant second layer to the dancing, in particular a well-constructed scene where vocals and tap come together to create an enjoyable mash-up of popular tunes.

But it’s almost as if the men don’t fully recognise just how good they really are, and how much pleasure the audience gets from just watching them dance. Strip out the frippery, stick to the basics and this show would fly.

Until 29 August. Today 7pm.

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