Dance review: Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee Rep Theatre

Scottish Dance Theatre perform Dreamers. Picture: Contributed
Scottish Dance Theatre perform Dreamers. Picture: Contributed
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IT’S the mark of a strong dance company that they can take on the vision and style of whichever choreographer comes to visit and not look like they’re wearing their big sister’s clothing.

Scottish Dance Theatre: Dreamers & Process Day| Rating **** | Dundee Rep Theatre

As works go, Dreamers and Process Day could not be more different – yet both fit Scottish Dance Theatre like a glove.

Anton Lachky’s Dreamers was first presented in early 2015, and it has lost none of its allure second time round. Smart, witty and oh so fast, it’s a piece that brings out the personality of all who dance it, and smiles on the faces of all who watch it.

Each rapid bow of the violin is matched by equally frenetic movement, with sudden blasts in the classical score made visual by unexpected synchronisation.

Process Day is a whole other beast, and the kind of work that divides audiences. Personally, I loved every last twitching, jerking, pulsating second of it. Creative duo Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar have set the dancers an almighty challenge, giving them 40 minutes of choreography that, at times, is almost imperceptible, other times demands strict unison.

Ori Lichtik’s intense techno score gives them little to hang on to in the way of counts, and yet the company has never looked better. With slicked back hair, and two-tone unitards, they seem almost androgynous in the smoky half-light.

The movement goes from minimal to staccato sharp, bunched together to expansive, and never, for one moment, does the dancers’ confidence waver. Fascinating, and utterly absorbing.