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At the Scotsman we’re truly proud to be one of Scotland’s best known and most trusted news brands and next year we celebrate 200 years in print. But we’re far from complacent, so we’re changing to meet the needs of the dynamic, exciting Scotland we live in today.

The Scotsman has a new look and a modern context and our fresh new website is a progressive leap forward in harmony with our smart and digitally savvy nation. We have more lifestyle content with online videos for arts and travel to suit the vitality and diversity of our nation. It will still have top-quality, comprehensive news and sports reporting with incisive and stimulating commentary and analysis; and extended business features to celebrate Scotland’s soaring enterprise.

The Scotsman's new-look website is now live

The Scotsman's new-look website is now live

Scotland is evolving fast but The Scotsman is right at the centre of these exhilarating times, thanks entirely to the loyal support of you, our cherished and discerning readers.

Can you Hear It, It’s Scotland

A SPARK. A RISING beat. It’s a rush of conversation. It’s a BREAK in the clouds.

It’s BURSTing against rooftops and flooding the GUTTERS. It’s in the patter. It’s a BUZZ. It’s a tweet. It’s the SOUND OF SUNSHINE striking a street.

OUR FUTURE is more than bright. It’s LOUDER.

But it’s not just noise. It’s HOPE. It’s

FIVE MILLION VOICES, a single breath, and closes coming together.It’s in the ELECTRIC CRACKLE of ideas and the thunder of heartfelt laughter. IT’S NOT hearsay. IT’S HAPPENING.

It’s the roar of a collective future.

So look further. Look closer. Smile.

THINK. Wonder. Love. Be loved. Be brave.

Be amazed. Steady your heart. Listen.

Can you hear it?