JK Rowling teases new Robert Galbraith book Career of Evil

JK Rowling will release her third Robert Galbraith novel next month. Picture: PA
JK Rowling will release her third Robert Galbraith novel next month. Picture: PA
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THE arrival of a “grisly package” will usher in JK Rowling’s next book, the novelist has revealed to her Twitter followers.

The Harry Potter author gave a set of new details to her fans about the latest installment in the detective series she pens under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The novel is the third in the series and will centre on a new investigation by London-based private investigator Cormoran Strike.

And now Rowling has revealed that the action will kick off “with a grisy package arriving at Strike’s office.”

Rowling published the first of her detective novels under the name Robert Galbraith - titled The Cuckoo’s Calling - in April 2013.

Although it was met with general praise by critics it sold just 1,500 copies - far short of the 500 million copies the Harry Potter series have sold worldwide.

But once Rowling was outed as the author in July 2013 it shot to the top of bestseller lists as sales surged by 150,000 per cent.

In June 2014, Rowling released a sequel - The Silkworm - and now she has revealed further details about the third in the series, Career of Evil, which will be released next month.

Responding to a request from one of her 5.5 million followers for details on the new novel - set to be released on October 20 - Rowling said: “CofE starts with a grisly package arriving at Strike’s office.”

The revelation sparked excitement and rabid speculation among Rowling’s fans.

Maria Flaherty replied: “Oh, a grisly package? My curiosity and excitement is growing. Roll on next month.”

Another gushed: “I’m so glad there’s another Strike novel coming soon! I’ve read the first two so many times, it’s almost embarrassing.”

Most fans were grateful for the new information - but the abbreviation of Career of Evil into CofE caused confusion amongst others, who believed it to stand for Church of England.

Katy Picken said: “I initially read “CofE” as “Church of England” and did several double takes.”

And the Reverend Daniel Brereton from Toronto, Canada, added: “For us who are Anglican vicars, that was hilarious: ‘CofE starts with a grisly package.’ I suppose Anne Boleyn’s head was!”