Video: the making of Andy Scott’s Kelpies

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A new film which brings to life the construction process for Andy Scott’s Kelpies which will be a major feature of the £43 million Helix project in Falkirk.

The construction phase for the two 30m tall horses head sculptures, which started on June 17, and will be completed in mid-August.

Unveiling of the Kelpies. Picture: submitted

Unveiling of the Kelpies. Picture: submitted

The two Kelpies will be one of the largest pieces of public art in the UK and together are the largest equine sculptures in the world

The Kelpies have cost £5m to make and use 600 tonnes of structural steel wit more than 10,000 special fixings being used to secure the ‘skin’ of The Kelpies to the steel structures.

The steel involved is being fabricated in Yorkshire and transported to Falkirk

The Helix, which be free to access, is a major land transformational project (350 hectares) between Falkirk and Grangemouth and the Kelpies structures will dominate the Helix development.

They will be seen by nearly 32 million people a year as they travel on the adjacent M9 motorway to and from Edinburgh.

The Helix development is being driven by a partnership of Falkirk Council and Scottish Canals while funding for the project has been provided by a £25 million Big Lottery grant and by Falkirk Council and Scottish Canals.