Video: Photographer captures Edinburgh after dark in time lapse film

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AN Edinburgh photographer has captured the beauty of the city through a time lapse video.

Adam Robertson shot the four-minute video after dark, capturing the bustling capital city during the festive period.

Edinburgh after dark. Picture: YouTube

Edinburgh after dark. Picture: YouTube

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This time-lapse compilation is the third in a series of Edinburgh focused films that aim to show off the beauty and awe of the city of Edinburgh.

The 25 year-old started shooting the film in November 2015. “It took around 3 months to finish which involved going out to shoot between two to five days a week”, he explains. “It’s a bit touch and go with the weather over the winter months so my attitude was to go out when the weather was half decent.”

“The film is shot on two Nikon DSLR’s (a D600 and a D810) and a sturdy tripod. Shot at 25 frames per second, each scene requires at least 125 shots which generally worked out to about 10 - 15 minutes real time. The RAW images were then lightly edited and compiled in various computer applications.”

Despite spending two years in Australia, Adam has always found Edinburgh as his greatest inspiration.

He says: “I have a natural love for the city and to be in a position to capture it in all different seasons and lighting is phenomenal. Being able to share and show off my city is a massive drive, whether it makes fellow Scots proud to be Scottish, or persuades people overseas to come and visit, it’s all equally satisfying. Part 4 will develop from the same inspiration.”

Robertson described the shoot on his YouTube channel as ‘one of my most challenging films to date’.

Edinburgh Castle, the popular Christmas market and the much-loved Grey Friar’s Bobby statue all feature in the short film which has already racked up over 10,000 views on YouTube.

To view more of Robertson’s videos visit his YouTube channel.