TV presenter’s artworks wear only a Smillie

One of Carol Smillie's self-portraits
One of Carol Smillie's self-portraits
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DURING her time as a television presenter she confined her brush strokes to DIY makeovers. But now Carol Smillie has shaken up her wholesome image by painting a series of nude self-portraits.­

The Changing Rooms presenter has publicly revealed for the first time a series of self-portraits in which she is naked except for a strategically draped sheet, along with paintings of her daughter, Christie Knight.

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, who is 51 next month, said: “I went to Glasgow School of Art for one year when I was about 19. I quickly realised I’d be very poor for ever more if I did that. But I always knew I’d go back to it because I ­enjoy it for pleasure, rather than all the pressure of having to make a living out of it.” After digging out her paints, Smillie said: “I had photographs taken by an artist who was going to paint me. But she didn’t do the painting. I did, and it was really good fun.”

The mother of three, who is married to restaurateur Alex Knight, revealed she was drawn back to her artistic roots by Status Quo.

“The band invited all the ambassadors for the Prince’s Trust charity, including me, to paint an album cover. I was a long cry from being the best. However, the trust was pleased and it raised £1,000 in a charity auction.”

Alongside painting, Smillie has developed a specialist underwear range for teenage girls with tennis champion Annabel Croft.

The website for Smillie’s new venture is