Edinburgh Sketcher: Edinburgh International Festival

EdinburghSketcher goes to the opera
EdinburghSketcher goes to the opera
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Behind the scenes with EdinburghSketcher to a dress rehearsal of American Lulu at the King’s Theatre.

During this year’s festival I was asked to attend, and sketch from a number of photo calls for Edinburgh International Festival. This sketch is from American Lulu, which played at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh.

I felt a little old fashioned surrounded by photographers, each with a huge bag of equipment, state-of-the-art lenses and cameras, me with my wee A5 sketch pad and fine liner pen!

It was very exciting to be ushered through a warren of corridors and doors deep in the King’s Theatre, to emerge in front of the stage. The orchestra (of Scottish Opera) were warming up at the back of the stage, a fine curtain of hanging threads partially hid them from view, so not to distract from the actors now walking to the front.

We watched on as the story was sung out to us, of troubled soul Lulu, a dancer in the smokey jazz clubs of America’s deep south, as she battled her way through life. I was completely engaged, and quickly sketched away as each scene changed.

For more sketches from the opera, and information about American Lulu and the EIF visit EdinburghSketcher’s site HERE.

You can also see the full sketch on the Scotsman facebook page.

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