100 Weeks of Scotland: Arran | Peebles | Glasgow

Sunset on the Isle of Arran. Picture: Alan McCredie
Sunset on the Isle of Arran. Picture: Alan McCredie
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The first two images this week are from the Isle of Arran. Described as ‘Scotland in miniature’ due to its low-lying south and rugged, mountainous north, Arran is one of my favourite places in the country.

As the crow flies Arran is only 40 miles from George Square in Glasgow but, to me at least, it seems like a distant island, far removed from the strain of everyday life. I had a job in Ayr very recently and as I looked out from the beach I couldn’t quite reconcile the fact that this wonderful island was so close to the mainland.

The first image was taken on a drive round the island. Near the end of my circuit, in the north of the island I happened to glimpse in my rearview mirror and saw the wonderful sunset that was happening behind me. The second image is just west of Brodick on the lower approaches to Goat Fell, and I have absolutely no idea what this thing is.

Image three is from Peebles and is one of those shots that I didn’t really think anything of when I first took it, but the more I flicked past it, the longer I stopped each time before eventually I began to like it a lot. I love the two old women in the background.

Image four is just one of those little, inconsequential, things that just made me smile. It is from the Dumbarton Road in Glasgow. I didn’t enjoy my wait – it was raining.

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