We Were Never So Cold by Derek Robertson

Art review: Pittenweem Arts Festival

In the unusual/unlikely venue stakes, Pittenweem Arts Festival rivals Edinburgh’s Fringe. With the focus here on visual arts, the East Neuk village’s 70-odd “galleries” include the fishing-fleet’s net loft, mediaeval underground vaults, a former communal laundry and the harbourmaster’s office, together with local homes, garages, conservatories and summerhouses, adding a wholesale doors-open aspect - paradise for the nosy - to the event’s myriad charms.

Portal PIC: John Devlin

Festival 2018: Sonica Presents Portal

“IS IT really scary,” asked a woman pushing a pram, at the end of our health and safety briefing outside the entrance to the Clyde Tunnel. “Naw,” said the security man confidently. The collective shoulders of our small group sagged a little in disappointment. What about the monsters?

Rotten Teeth by Steven Berkoff PIC: courtesy of Street Level Photoworks

Art reviews: Pearl Blauvelt & Aleana Egan | Mark Handforth | Steven Berkoff

Pearl Blauvelt lived alone in a remote village in north-east Pennsylvania in the 1940s and 1950s. Half a century later, in her abandoned house, a box was found containing hundreds of drawings which are now held by a gallery in New York and have been shown at MoMA. She drew in pencil. Often she made densely worked copies of goods for sale in mail order catalogues, but she also drew houses and streets. Walls were often transparent, revealing rooms, furniture and occasionally people within, and perspectives collapsed on to one another. We know nothing about what she intended, but she drew an ordered, comfortable, domestic world.

An installation shot from Jack Knox: Concrete Block at GoMA PIC: Max Slaven

Art reviews: Jack Knox shows at GoMA and Cyril Gerber Fine Art

If you were shown Jack Knox’s 1968 painting How it is devoid of context, without an artist’s name, era or location, you might find yourself momentarily nonplussed. I confess I might. Was this painted in the East Village, by an artist playing around on the cusp of abstract expressionism and pop art? Or by a postgraduate student in Glasgow the week before last?

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