Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 31/12/12

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MONDAY’S puzzle...


1 Enter with Tom, a youth who would inherit a fortune (4,4,5)

10 Checking that a discount has to be cut (9)

11 Inside a sheik’s house, raised in a harem (5)

12 Was lucky to get rid of a model for a lot of money (7)

13 Swallow one type of cocktail (7)

14 I swear on my honour, when going into action (6)

16 Although new in there, managed to become permanent (8)

18 Wants to carry fruit in old vessel (8)

20 Drink for one performing in National Hunt races (6)

23 Top gardener was prone to get collected (7)

24 Has to deal with one starting to scream curses (7)

26 Falls over, right into rubbish dumps (5)

27 Flesh out detailed minute, to be precise (9)

28 Thoughtless old resident one can upset (13)


2 Alternative to the German command (5)

3 Rule out separate embargo for exile (7)

4 New press boss had trouble when caught in the act (6)

5 Getting round on time, workers had top tip for hand cream (8)

6 Do former pupils have to wait for watch (7)

7 Raise up lens into an alternative state (9)

8 Controls the way to trade with other lands (7,6)

9 Just fair, to be honest, but is unconcerned (13)

15 Landed on one variety of composite (9)

17 Order to head off one ship as act of charity (8)

19 Tells leading tenor to get old serenades (5,2)

21 Hold onto any port in a storm to get shelter (7)

22 Leave cable on wreck, having run aground (6)

25 Design chart for German floating platform (5)