Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 31/08/15

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Monday’s puzzle


7 Chances to gain some energy; lots, in fact (5)

8 Intrigue, at least, in management (9)

10 Is incapable of getting to a bar about noon (6)

11 Commonly, a person is a remarkable type, for example (8)

12 Bearing up, over the final week, if parting (8)

13 Decline to come back hard, to make a deep cut (4)

15 Safeguards a new church or seminary, initially (7)

17 Had an idea, despite the fact that it ended (7)

20 Was a leading seaman about to begin massive confidence trick? (4)

22 Champions radicals to act as disciples (8)

25 To feel the mood of one’s surroundings is in character (8)

26 One in favour exemplifies a figure of speech (6)

27 Armies forced to have time in charge, organised a truce (9)

28 At last was in the frame to find a hiding-place (5)


1 Betake oneself, in good order, when patching things up (9)

2 Get access for one to prop up a church (8)

3 To extract authorisation took a long time (7)

4 On the basis of determination, might show fortitude (8)

5 Everyone takes two hands to be comrades (6)

6 A top-soil layer looks very pale (5)

9 One is against going through quarantine (4)

14 Having to hold back at incline is on the agenda (9)

16 Think about finding spirit in a hollow tube (8)

18 For radical, completing final was fundamental (8)

19 Wrong measure, in short, by church might be a sin … (7)

21 … while senior officer, in short, took nothing back from the health centre (6)

23 Had to find shelter in one stormy night )4)

24 Taking minute to drop long line, right at the end, could be neat (5)