Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 31/07/14

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Thursday’s puzzle...


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Thought hard about wearing debonair tie, left inside (12)

8 Continent may be considered straitlaced (7)

9 Meant to organise a good tycoon (7)

11 Trade made inside a local shop (4)

12 Advance man took a crowd into a youth organisation (5,5)

14 Kind sort of character shows spirit (6)

15 A noisy reveller had to run over a difficult course (8)

17 Chased me back, having been pushed around (8)

19 Will some planes have a lot of stuff washed up, in the main? (6)

22 Change direction, having a go on a circuit (4,6)

23 Old man, in the end, suffered discomfort (4)

25 At the end, gave way, as time went by (7)

26 Turn out, but refuse to prevent embargo (7)

27 A noble crowd on the river encouraged to go with the flow (4,8)


1 Can stand it, in a way, but is rather aloof (7)

2 Gave the wrong impression of a German art-song (4)

3 Can Brown still get there after broken promise? (6)

4 Many starting at urban development may bear fruit (8)

5 Fixed cables in circus performer’s equipment (10)

6 Do they sound off in addresses to the public? (7)

7 Out of danger, at heart, in a growth point (6,6)

10 Tried to work things out in the lab before small boy (12)

13 Infiltrator in Paris very much out-of-date, had little resistance (10)

16 Judge can refer to list of offences, with littler hesitation (8)

18 Fired a broadsides in local uproar (7)

20 Run into a work of art of some importance (7)

21 Turn on the first nation; the French have second, if not (6)

24 Get in some of the crude form of unbleached linen (4)