Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 29/01/15

Thursday's puzzle.
Thursday's puzzle.
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Thursday’s puzzle...


1 Might a good person have to stick with a critical remark? (8)

5 Suppress some of the rest, if left behind (6)

9 Gave credit for a writer with degree (8)

10 Take French leave from a nationwide campaign (6)

12 Are girls inclined to have spread out? (9)

13 Gets rid of some leading Democratic Unionist politicians (5)

14 It’s not new for servant to be forced to go hungry (6)

17 Lay to rest, in the main, terminally (5)

20 It’s hard to get more elevated in order to hang in the air (5)

21 Preserve displaying a lot of Dutch courage (6)

24 Start to get through dreadful, mournful hymn (5)

25 Carries on, so assumes control of the firm (5,4)

28 Anger over European band (6)

29 Getting mixed up with first trawler going fishing (8)

30 Make fun of north-east runner having to get free (6)

31 Proceeds of ancient issue (6,2)


1 Stamps of British and Swedish Premiers (6)

2 Take on a new legal action, to be on the safe side (2,4)

3 King and knight on board provided the final blade (5)

4 A group of workers had, finally, to improve (5)

6 Did routine drudgery oppress an old philosopher? (9)

7 One sharing some space with a boring team, in a way(8)

8 Risk leak of broadcast report (8)

11 Coming, at short notice, to an opening (to escape) (6)

15 Over time, more tend to be distressed (9)

16 Decrease discount, but get a partial refund (6)

18 Followed on, and took a leading role in Opposition (8)

19 Got wind of the Yanks in wartime Britain we’re told (8)

22 Helps to get small benefits from profits (6)

23 In a state, when a few more go native ... (6)

26 ... and knock out a leading light in front of a native to Australia (5)

27 Mourns over lack of time in spectacles (5)

Wednesday’s solution: