Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 28/07/14

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Monday’s puzzle


1 Girl has way to turn right back, initially, but it may go against the grain (7)

5 Left space for one to become important (7)

9 A high ball, in return, is hard to get rid of (7)

10 Claim made by reporter in order to establish himself (7)

11 Converts some shots, in time, to get round (6,4)

12 Old poem had to be the same thing (5)

13 Top military man had to start off with certainty (5)

15 Sail out right away from seminars (9)

16 Watch for opportunity to get a share (9)

18 Might a large number heat up under the Sun? (5)

21 It’s hard to leave resorts for close relatives (5)

22 Rich store designed for one of 27 across (9)

24 A number may head off civil disobedience (7)

26 Deny that profits always follow (7)

27 Chorus girls inform the leading soprano, with little hesitation (7)

28 Send the French away to become immortal (7)


1 Was keen to play cards, at one time (7)

2 Wear model out, and managed to get a pouch (7)

3 Joins forces, after Spain leaves, with other sections (5)

4 May be responsible for dramatic events, but takes a back seat (6,3,6)

5 Made a mistake, especially if speaking another language (4,2,3,6)

6 Might a sixth sense be found inside spaceship (3)

7 Are in it, perhaps, when forced into a state of rest (7)

8 Warnings about fewer working before Sunday (7)

12 Rushes off to turn up with a valuable violin (5)

14 Anticipates finding hard work for two hands (5)

16 Proceeds, at last, to decipher final codes (7)

17 Refer to citation in reference (7)

19 In a dramatic part, I step over one of the other players (7)

20 Did Sam try to run over those suffering for their faith? (7)

23 I left one, at short notice, in an epic work (5)

25 Is one about to create bad blood? (3)