Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 28/02/13

Grid by Hugh Johnson
Grid by Hugh Johnson
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Thursday’s puzzle...


7 Part of the dictionary may be in order (5)

8 Balanced on the wagon, with composure, at the end (9)

10 In the south-east, the church accepted a new congregation (6)

11 May have to stay with them to dig up a gemstone (8)

12 Wanting to take pain-killing drug, swallowing at last (8)

13 Is certain to find ancient city in the Home Counties (4)

15 It’s very hard for an old woman to object to additive (7)

17 The bottom line is to show some interest for suits (7)

20 In conjunction with a capital group of players (4)

22 Is exasperated by daughter following the wrong craze (8)

25 On trial, to compete in challenge fight (8)

26 Cyril’s upset by the words of a song (6)

27 Try to change North American note for another (9)

28 May be able to head off threat, but with some irritation (5)


1 Dares to vary arrangement with one’s opponent (9)

2 Looks over one working to analyse pattern of verse (8)

3 Intend to include learner, say, back in a group (7)

4 Had a very quiet period of calm, right after Chamberlain (8)

5 Did Swiss hero head off demonstrators? (6)

6 In the past, a ship may have carried stowaway (5)

9 Need a sideline in part of the food shop (4)

14 Reaches litters for the wounded right away (9)

16 Morton upset to be playing wind instrument (8)

18 To decline to get worked up is outrageous (8)

19 Sharpens up hollow theory with sincerity (7)

21 Wealthy drunk may have to be charged (6)

23 Explained that model was past her prime (4)

24 Climb in southern state reserve, finally (5)