Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 28/01/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Clambers over to make an emergency take-off (8)

5 It’s difficult to get out of bed if strapped for cash (4,2)

9 Declining to make connection yet again (8)

10 Following one to royal course, with no time for disaster (6)

12 Contend with a long line, say, by the end (6)

13 Plenty in reserve in the West or East (5)

16 Moderate left-winger had to turn to the church (6)

17 When dependent, he had to record on fewer occasions (8)

20 Odds on finishing up having to pay up (8)

21 Youngster detailed to role-play in dance (6)

23 Emphatic denial of old times embraced by small number (3,2)

25 About to have an issue, with some justification (6)

28 Popular way to launch an onslaught (6)

29 Would a new arrival have to line up in steamer? (8)

30 Did she gad about, although badly wounded (6)

31 Comprises those against one’s way back (8)


1 Absolutely right to put things in order (4)

2 Right at the back of the platform, in the main (4)

3 It’s not appropriate to have clips made up (9)

4 Hang about in Berlin, Germany’s capital (6)

6 A single woman gets it wrong (5)

7 May record too much, Labour leader recognised (10)

8 For, not against, admission to occupation (10)

11 Keep at arms length when first partner entered the dance (5)

14 Offering to replace pin on greens, over time (10)

15 Start to turn around second undertakings (10)

18 Makes suggestions on how to support old girls (9)

19 Ran back into the empty senate, and into a trap (5)

22 Did a military display leave a permanent impression? (6)

24 Lecture some of the players for a team event (5)

26 Leaders approaching general election swither for a long time (4)

27 Prepares for battle to capture a first-rate manuscript (4)