Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 27/01/14

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Sharpen up before the final cut, to be fair (6)

4 Performs in musical drama with group making a comeback (8)

9 Transmitted one line, yet it is understood (6)

10 One girl’s adopting another; it’s a scandal (8)

12 In Washington, ganged up on a small state (5)

13 Appealed for acceptance of negotiation, in the end (9)

14 Hit 100, yet to be arranged by financial centre (3,4)

15 Spots painters taking a final brush (4)

19 Criticises return of cold spell (4)

21 Would a trailblazer need another one in support? (7)

24 The senior management, as a group, are bored we’re told (9)

26 Look to capture a beast of burden with a long rope (5)

27 Goes on and on about new academic institution, and is insatiable (8)

28 Pay no heed to some foreign, or European, laws (6)

29 Having served in the Army, one left patched up (8)

30 Import strong additive by ship (6)


1 Hold off, if he is in front of the gallery (8)

2 Did a small number want core energy; not any more (2,6)

3 Time, in season, will turn out to cause great excitement (9)

5 Useful information from Italian runner to top team, in short (7)

6 Regret having to turn back a little rascal (5)

7 Pledges to warm up second pieces of brown bread (6)

8 Having collected uniform, told to calm down (6)

11 Refuse to let Delaware go in front of New York (4)

16 May catch sight of land, and draw attention to it (9)

17 Did Tony seek out a vital component? (8)

18 Cavalrymen have little hesitation to go into the military (8)

20 Provide some fruit and veg for old dictator (7)

21 Drink up, before Henry has to drive (4)

22 Loves to make a fuss about top stars (6)

23 Have little time to enthuse over long journey (6)

25 Are primary one able to finish simple vessel? (5)