Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 25/02/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Letter-writer found the key in an empty space (6)

4 Sus out co-op parking, so bails out (6,2)

9 After everything that’s done, start to be bound together (6)

10 Congregation hearing about turnout (8)

12 Have a strong desire to open club with a dance party (5)

13 Follows advice, with little hesitation, when in 10 across (9)

14 Got all worked up, at one time, when told to appear at court (7)

15 Keep pattern of US city square, at the end (4)

19 Charge across a river in order to cut loose (4)

21 Display article when entering different climatic conditions (7)

24 Brilliant start to catching some fish (9)

26 From habit, turn into a series of calls (5)

27 Having only one comic could turn out to be quite profitable (8)

28 Some players object to following hijacker (6)

29 Would a nun take in malign characters? 8)

30 Be very angry, when about to get into grounds (3,3)


1 Looked high and low to find vault within reason (8)

2 Care about line taken in confidence (8)

3 Did traditional guard grumble about consumer? (9)

5 Took advice from a local authority, by all accounts (7)

6 Get around, first, and long to speak out (5)

7 Trespasser in second place close to the bull (6)

8 Content to choose last group to get a rental agreement (6)

11 Perform, on the record, to back PC, commonly (4)

16 Find a way to ventilate patient in flight (9)

17 Ought to have an empty ewer to carry (8)

18 A runner who took a break was brought to a standstill (8)

20 Young lad provided one church building (7)

21 Carry on with the majority getting paid (4)

22 Need to judge the value of beasts of burden by Sunday (6)

23 Wander about a river, in order to cast off (6)

25 Turn out Russian whips used to punish bosses (5)