Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 24/02/14

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Play in a band to publicise a new product (4,3,4)

9 Compound found in Manchester and Winchester, finally (5)

10 Dispenses with girl’s eccentric followers (8)

12 If out of order, for example, a pound may be unconstitutional ... (7)

13 ... for example, round dance may be a self-indulgence (3-4)

14 Disliked cover-up by boss on paper (5)

15 It’s quite obnoxious to encounter aggression (9)

18 Can Bruce be bothered to take on European pirate? (9)

20 Gets rid of some old Spanish wines in large bags (5)

21 Is quite sincere in trying to learn estate management (7)

24 Find a secret place for small African party with little stomach to finish (7)

25 What a job REME had to organise a rally (8)

26 Row over name of a woven fabric (5)

27 Dealer had no time for one’s top export goods (11)


2 Worked up about the latest thing, in the end (7)

3 Bloater managed to swallow small fish in fast-moving wave (5,4)

4 Dislikes having to move son forward with some urgency (5)

5 Pull over, at first, working like a trooper (7)

6 Is hypnotised by two Continental articles (5)

7 End a book before the French, to get foods near their sell-by date (11)

8 If fit to get through bath, let ice-skater compete (8)

11 Peasant took me off to PE to arrange conciliation (11)

16 Cultivates tree for its leaves at German grange (9)

17 Provoking small US firm to object in the first group (8)

19 Bitter expert had to break up crib (7)

20 Inform little boy about tennis matches (7)

22 Is about to have no hot plunder in Scotland (5)

23 Have little time to stray over a planet (5)