Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 23/07/15

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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 A girl’s quite concerned, she’s open-minded about it (13)

10 Although working with volunteers, the first pint is readily available (2,3)

11 They may be true-blue, but peace-keepers proving inadequate (9)

12 With a first-class object, you may be on to a profitable position (4,5)

13 Some gents, at the end, could be at liberty (5)

14 Anthem, at one time, came after 2 down (7)

16 Reserves have one way, in short, to hang in there (7)

18 Heard that you had to raise up a very large area (7)

20 Popular place as an alternative, preferably (7)

21 Did an ancient poet act up at first? (5)

23 Punter barking up the wrong tree, but he’s a lot richer (6,3)

25 Did he carve out a new way to move people? (9)

26 Did she cross over New England? (5)

27 Waits, we’re told, after confusion, to find boxers (6-7)


2 Opening notes in composition of pain, trouble and strife (5)

3 I have to sum up at the end, forced to be rather hasty (9)

4 Sightseer got to an ancient city first (7)

5 Is unwilling to abandon son to take in good sanctuaries (7)

6 Odds on a long line having to overflow (5)

7 Arranged one pose, over time, to represent something (9)

8 After years without meeting, greet an old friend (4,4,2,3)

9 Come to terms with clash of ideas, and go your separate ways (5,2,6)

15 Complete a school session in a trice, without final master in charge (9)

17 Investing in British energy before imposing a blockade (9)

19 Judge has the authority to be the one with the final say (7)

20 Resident, in the past, could detain a probationer (7)

22 Strut about, having won another’s confidence (5)

24 To love the day of victory, right at the end, was plain to see (5)