Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 23/01/2015

Friday's puzzle.
Friday's puzzle.
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Friday’s puzzle...


1 Press establishment in most reduced circumstances (7)

5 Dismissal you may get from the butcher? (3,4)

9 Elderly relative you will hear getting a tiny bit of food supplement, perhaps (7)

10 Shakespearean daughter is beyond help before one last fall (7)

11 Dell I can’t prepare for romantic kind of dinner (9)

12 Computer units built with agency of educational paper (5)

13 Departed, taking time to consume coffee (5)

15 All and not all is good for you (9)

16 This animal is likely to make a hash of short race (9)

18 Does inclusion of sugar make up quantities of medicine? (5)

21 Sawed up something belonging to road-building general (5)

22 Agreed on a plan to make soft drink (9)

24 Witty lines written out on page rim (7)

26 Knocking sound from engine indicates need to change ends of most important element (7)

27 Hen log confusingly includes fist reproduction of poultry (7)

28 Person in charge concealed outlying scent of cattle thief (7)


1 Record a single calorie – is that making sense? (7)

2 Opposed to being got at about profits (7)

3 Matched contents of elite quality (5)

4 Bill and Ben went from the Pole to disaster (3,9,3)

5 High on hemp product, perhaps, Home Guard spiv becomes circus performer (9,6)

6 Little partner in comic duo is reported to get money for work (3)

7 Nelson sees house with proportion (7)

8 Spies congregate round railroad to find Regency cloak (7)

12 Raised first-class deposit to make money (5)

14 Distinctive character of tablet hostage grasped (5)

16 Intimidate telephone engineer with audible stock locator (7)

17 Winter visitor joins Communist arm (7)

19 Sharp blade with which to cut the top off, even peel (7)

20 Aft section on QEII is more Spartan (7)

23 Information useless to group within family (5)

25 Short-lived civil commotion in South American city (3)

Thursday’s solution: