Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 22/06/15

Monday's puzzle
Monday's puzzle
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Monday’s Puzzle


1 Was he extremely upset when the rector had to take control of the bad eggs? (4,4.5)

10 Natal had to miss out on the lucky horseshoes (9)

11 Clean up at the crease, but he had to follow on (5)

12 Tom had to ring up to express his disapproval (7)

13 If not up to par, Crown may lack intellect (7)

14 Provide the money for the right apparel to swear one in (6)

16 Stirred up university, in short, to make it stronger (8)

18 Show mercy to the French judge (8)

20 At last, contrive something that can act as cover (6)

23 Made connection right away with some delight (7)

24 A trencherman, for instance, carried more than enough weight (7)

26 Join up with one’s section, at the end (5)

27 Weighs down saddles in some races (9)

28 Secret places will accept everyone with large pieces of equipment (13)


2 First eleven got 150 before a final hit with a flourish (5)

3 Prevents girl going into pubs on Sunday ... (7)

4 ... while another girl can be practical, so able to grow independently (6)

5 Is firm determined to be bold? That’s definite (8)

6 Would he push aside others in a joint? (7)

7 Having landed, turn right, to get the essence of one versed in forms of worship (8)

8 One reluctant to change seems bound to get bogged down (5-2-3-3)

9 Told to recognise capacity when fit to sail, in the main (13)

15 Was rating survey worth the cost? (9)

17 Stan held out to meet a French author (8)

19 Right target for some workers, at last making investment (7)

21 Begin to hear clamour about the Open University accepting a US escape artist


22 Get a good outcome with a schedule (6)

25 Have little time with a popular US writer (5)