Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 16/05/2013

Grid: Hugh Johnson
Grid: Hugh Johnson
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Thursday’s puzzle...


1 Heard about Simon, as agreed (10)

9 Sound steak put down on the table in Canterbury (4)

10 Some commuters are carried along by the efforts of others (10)

11 It’s unbelievable, over short time, to be in bondage (6)

12 In bowling area, team up with first eleven (5)

15 Promises to move back-to-front to get an old weapon (5)

18 If caught in a trap, is held fast like a wild animal (5)

19 Discounts spectator coming back to take strike (7)

20 Detailed the others to get about at that point (5)

21 Small worker had a leading role, at the present time (5)

22 In Lear, I organised transport for 10 across (7)

23 If brought up without one, broke down (5)

24 Polish experience suspicion and discrimination (5)

26 Lecturer bowled over by one’s top-secret transport (5)

29 Horse the French find suitable for ploughing (6)

31 Put in place letter for an Army (or Navy) officer (10)

32 Would one perform on line for superstar? (4)

33 Morale went away, but could still bear fruit (5-5)


2 Find a method to use at your opponents’ ground (4)

3 Become proficient at going down stream (6)

4 Trained killer in operation in Japan, at one time (5)

5 Incline to fatten up a stylish dandy (5)

6 Miller, commonly, had an obligation to take on son (5)

7 In case, some start to need treatment ... (2-8)

8 ... while in good condition, tend to provide assistance to the sick (6,4)

13 Is tolerant, in spite of scandal involving artist (7)

14 Causes indisposition in some hospital departments (7)

15 Australian version of an old Roman orgy (10)

16 In the main, take issue with licence to hunt for game (4,6)

17 Is it hard to finish study of terror? (5)

18 Get an advantage, but only when ready (5)

25 Turn out of broad street, taking open gate, to settle a score (6)

26 Feel a bit depressed when at the bottom (5)

27 Still got into A&E (in the US) on time (5)

28 Teacher had a model of a stringed instrument (5)

30 Loosen up in approach to sundown (4)