Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 16/01/14

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Thursday’s puzzle...


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

8 Plants a vital beer ingredient in the laboratory (8)

9 To appeal to an old woman might well be a bit naive (6)

10 Pass over line that’s followed by a sheep-dog (6)

11 It’s a travesty for one to rule over CID (8)

12 Verbose lecturer working with a final sitting (4)

13 May try to get the last word, at times, in old covenants (10)

15 Other people in Greece may be taking time off (7)

17 I’d dream about being looked up to (7)

20 Support workers seeking tip-top transfer (10)

22 Quiet song in full swing, at some stage (4)

24 Bare plot could turn out to be manageable (8)

26 Endorsement, without a degree, could be a possibility (6)

27 Is about to get round new ruler, in the interim (6)

28 Odds on girl will run across small bridges (8)


1 First-rate old firm took care of baroque style (6)

2 Window offering access to the stars (8)

3 Gave fair warning to read about the net (10)

4 Work with some of the media to keep people down (7)

5 A group of officers may be a bit sarcastic (4)

6 Saw the church bearing fruit endlessly (6)

7 One way to get permission for a game of chance (8)

14 Place extra on top for a pound (10)

16 Watches old residences, in short, become blots on the landscape (8)

18 It’s futile to involve top men in it (8)

19 Did the other side break down? On the contrary (7)

21 Have the wrong crowd making their debut (6)

23 At short notice, took a wild animal onto a ship (6)

25 Drug used to dope horses, except at the end (4)