Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 14/09/2013

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Saturday’s puzzle


1 Nut-case? (5-3)

6 Virginia takes Felix east to desert (6)

9 Robert Scott’s bird (6)

10 Started below the road (8)

11 Cor blimey, turn to be quiet (4)

12 No end of pepper is cold! (5)

13 The first to enquire amount of work set (4)

14 Dealer in small fragments? (5,8)

17 Traverse route round to discover valuables (8-5)

20 Lover was painful on the way back (4)

22 Place between the sheets (5)

24 Double half-turn in ballet-skirt (4)

25 Rosy giddy in this part of town! (3,5)

26 Go with aunt round for a sweet (6)

27 Horse that’s not much of a goer (6)

28 Getting as far as to be returning to someone’s memory (6,2)


2 Firm is accepting meat or leather (7)

3 Runner, various charioteers lost it (9)

4 Tracy nicknamed some pessimist (5)

5 Girl or boy in the orient (7)

6 Namely vet about to be in charge going round delicatessen (9)

7 Damaged a cart worth its weight in gold (5)

8 & 15 Traveller at airport who is neither here nor there (7,9)

16 Change of policy re change of direction (5-4)

17 Stream rushing down hill split (7)

18 Automatic branch of technology finished early (7)

19 Contestant hurried into another tent (7)

21 Lady’s witty attack (5)

23 All of a sudden I’m to include material (5)

Friday’s solution

Across: Edinburgh Rock, Open Space, Motel, Saltire, Directs, Nicest, Brassier, Drenches, Acumen, Strange, Unearth, Evade, Triathlon, Get The Message

Down: Dots and Dashes, Dwell, Clear Case, Nasties, Convent, Usages, Recentre, Grew Dark, Lupine, Remarks, Creates, Catechism, Rolag, Close Run Thing

Last week’s solution

Across: Flutter, Mascara, Lieutenancy, Mel, Driving Mirror, Resort, Tangible, Dog Stall, Tapeti, Cardinal Point, Eek, Prosecution, Remarry, Preston

Down: Fold, Cridecoueur, Upend, Sugarplum, Tutti Frutti, Par, Rancid, Dilatory, Monogram, Upkeep, Say, Ingratitude, Admirable, Twist, Auldreekie, Anon