Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 14/04/14

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 May break into a first-class joint (4)

3 Calling for takeover business, on commission (10)

10 Run minutes past top director, as starting points (9)

11 Left some old copper second in position (5)

12 Artistic stand made in a few areas elsewhere (5)

13 Proceeds to have alternative piles of nuclear material (8)

15 Is in pieces over time, so cuts into two (7)

17 Shake up to chatter on Twitter, for example (7)

19 Boy followed some chosen people, and got a seat (7)

21 Was a submarine found one day in an English river? (7)

22 A red-cap is working over the last soldier, to put him behind bars (8)

24 In Italy, a capital old character met a tragic end (5)

27 Content to be projecting a feeling of high self-esteem (5)

28 Tries to take a lot off to meet an old Greek philosopher (9)

29 Bringing people together for a short prayer in force (10)

30 Deprivation of colossal proportions (4)


1 Having been forced to develop tinned food, may make a hash of it (6,4)

2 Did a long-distance runner start out in industry? (5)

4 Comes together to meet someone, initially, at focal points (7)

5 When first at college, found a social climber (7)

6 Does everyone have to come over to share? (5)

7 One had cruel ban imposed, but it can’t be helped (9)

8 Knows the audience will get a bouquet (4)

9 It’s understood that a politician has to be lawful (8)

14 Did the Luddites get into some of the Navy’s warships? (10)

16 Use some power to shake things up, and to force things through (9)

18 Did a European fighter have the fare to move overseas? (8)

20 Girl’s model worker can be quite unfriendly (7)

21 Was a feeling of anxiety carved in stone? (7)

23 Separate, say, getting over an escarpment (5)

25 Have an annual test to devise a slogan (5)

26 A long narrative poem may put you in the picture (4)